1 in 4 Canadians will die of cancer. Many do not receive palliative care, or receive it too late for optimal support.

Access to palliative care is inconsistent or inadequate across this country. In Atlantic Canada, fewer than half of all people who die in hospital receive palliative care (Right to Care: Palliative Care for all Canadians, CCS, 2015). Across Canada, many individuals do not even receive an assessment for palliative care; or if they do, it is in the last few weeks of life.

Palliative care supports choice and comfort at end-of-life: but conversations surrounding palliative care are often difficult for patients, care givers, and family members to have. Findings from this study will be used to create tools to open the conversation about palliative and end-of-life-care that will benefit patients, families, healthcare professionals, and students.


We are currently looking to connect with anyone who has lost a family member to cancer, is currently caring for someone with advanced cancer or individuals living with advanced cancer.

Participants will be asked to share their experiences about either living with advanced cancer and their thoughts and ideas about palliative care or about providing care for someone who either died from cancer or currently has advanced cancer.

Participants will be interviewed by the study Principal Investigator Dr. Brenda Sabo or Research Assistant Sam Hachey, at a place and time that is convenient for you. The interview will take approximately 60-90 minutes (by phone or in person).

Participants will then be asked if they would be interested in creating a digital story (audio-visual recording) of their experience. You do not have to agree to this part of the study.

The recording would be approximately 3-5 minutes in length and focus on key points you believe would be helpful in understanding your experience and thoughts concerning palliative care. The digital stories will be used for educational purposes for health care professional students, health care professionals, and the public.


If you are ready to share your story with our research team, we would be happy to speak with you. Your important contribution will help provide greater understanding of the palliative care experience for health care workers and inform person-centred quality palliative care.

Please contact Principal Investigator Dr. Brenda Sabo or Research Assistant Sam Hachey to arrange your interview.

Download the consent form here

Dr. Brenda Sabo
Principal Investigator

Ms. Samantha Hachey
Research Assistant

This study has received ethics approval from the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA REB ROMEO FILE # 10203061) and the Jewish General Hospital, Montreal Quebec (JGH REB file #16-008 )

Funding support for the 2016 PEACE PROJECT is through the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute